Exporting to over 90 countries worldwide.

Coltraco Commitment To :

  • Through-life maintenance support
  • We still maintain units built 20 years ago
  • Extend trade-in credits - replace old units for new
  • UL listing & ABS type approval - Portalevel™ MAX
  • ABS type approval & RINA approval - Portascanner™
  • Be a life-safety technology partner – Permalevel™
  • Certified OEM calibration & ODA service stations

Coltraco manufacture Ultrasonics That Work


Backround & History

We are the OEM of Portalevel™ and Portascanner™ and have been for over 20 years. We have supplied over 15,000 units to customers in 104 countries. These are the basis for becoming the technology manufacturer that we are today manufacturing 14 systems and products.

In our niche field of non-invasive, portable and ultrasonic liquid level measurement, we are the world leaders. The business commenced with the development of a portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator for the UK Government Atomic Energy Research Laboratory at Harwell, and was undertaken by Mr Eric Charlton Hunter in 1987, who had previously worked at the Admiralty Research Laboratory and prior to that specialized in Sonar in the Royal Navy Submarine Service. This was called the Portalevel™.

The work to establish a portable unit took over 3 years, and was accelerated both by users reluctance to continue to employ radioactive isotope technology because of licensing, transportation and storage restrictions, and by operators who had a personal disinclination to use radioactive technology. Coupled to this, in 1986 the Montreal Protocol was developed to control the use of CFC’s, and in that the company began to receive various UK and USA Government requests to aid their monitoring. Supported by some of the world’s largest fire and marine servicing companies, the 1st production unit was released in 1990.

Our Portalevel™ customers are predominantly in the Shipping, Defence, Fire Protection, Offshore Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Electricity & Gas Distribution, Rail and Industrial market sectors. We have supplied most of the world’s leading companies in these sectors and a core reference list is attached in the quotation for your ease of reference. At sea we have units aboard most types of vessels, including gas carriers, bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical and product carriers, ferries and cruise ships. In defence we have equipped large amounts of the fleets of the US Navy, Royal Navy and various Commonwealth and European Navies. Offshore, we have equipped most of the North Sea’s 160 platforms in both the UK and Norwegian sectors. Most applications relate to operators needing to identify liquid gases in single-skinned holding containers or cylinders, and the unit negates the need for the system to be shut-down and the containing vessels dismantled and weighed. The limitations to the unit are that the gas or liquid being measured, must be in a liquid state, and contained in a single-skinned steel, stainless steel or aluminium holding vessel, with a wall thickness not exceeding 25mm. The unit is not designed to measure liquid levels on small hand-held containers or cylinders, which can be easily weighed. Over the last 10 years we have developed a range of Portalevel™ model types to cater for specific user applications.

Our Portascanner™ customers are predominantly in the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas and Naval sectors, typically monitoring watertight and weathertightness of ships hatch-covers, cable transit areas and watertight and weathertight compartment doors and scuttles. We remain a family company, offer world-leading product support and a 3 year warranty. We have received various UK export and marine awards, including the Seatrade Safety at Sea Award. Today we manufacture 14 products and systems under 3 Technical Groups :

  • Tech Group 1 – Two fixed ultrasonic contents monitoring systems and a range of 7 Portalevel™ model types of portable liquid level indicators
  • Tech Group 2 – Permascanner™ semi-fixed ultrasonic watertight integrity monitoring systems and Portascanner™ portable watertight integrity test indicators
  • Tech Group 3 – Portable Portagauge™ 3 & 4 ultrasonic thickness gauges & portable Portatsonic™ ultrasonic flow meters

The systems that we manufacture are some of the most pioneering and capable in ultrasonic’s including :

  • Permalevel™ Multiplex – capable of contents monitoring up to 700 cylinders simultaneously 24/7 and
  • Permascanner™ Dynamic – capable of monitoring a vessels hatch-covers watertight integrity for up to 10 days voyage time 24/7

Cylinders can accidentally discharge and leak in between annual service checks reducing their ability to protect high asset value, special hazard environments like data centres, server rooms, electronic rooms, engine rooms, power stations, key operation centre. Is your fire suppression system ready to respond in an emergency?

  • SAFETY FIRST - have peace of mind that no accidental discharge or leakage goes unnoticed.
  • A key point of PML is that it is mains powered but with an internal 10 hour Uninterrupted Power Supply to continue operating during power outages
  • FOR customers who see the added safety value of 24/7 monitoring
  • MONITOR the contents of fixed gaseous fire suppresions systems 24/7/365
  • ABLE to mesaure 1 to 700 cylinder level points, e.g. high rise tower blocks
  • INCLUDING FM-200TM, NovecTM, 1230, CO2, Halon 1303, FE-13TM, FE-25TM, NAF S 125, NAF S 227TM, NAF-S-IIITM, CEA-410 & others
  • COMPATIBLE with any exisitng alarm system & central control station in order to relay current status & alert a change in level.
  • IDEAL for high asset value & special hazard environments.
  • ABLE to interface with Telit systems + Relay Alarm + RS232 + RS485 Computer Interface + Datalogger + Local & Remote Displays

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Newest flagship model with enhanced display, aesthetics & operation plus Online Training Programme. In operation worldwide with leading companies in fire servicing, HSE, power generation, offshore & defence


Designed for high value and specialist vessels like oil & gas tankers, superyachts, etc.


The industry standard model relied upon by fire servicing companies in an array of sectors worldwide.



Record and download up to 1,000 readings. Ideal for high-end fire servicing engineers adding value to your reports


The cost effffective unit for navies & commercial ship managers and operators.

For more information about our brands & our corporate values and products we manufacture for the fire safety, marine, defence, power, telecommunications, data centre and oil & gas markets please email us at

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We are pleased to announce that our flagship portable liquid level indicator, Portalevel™ MAX portable unit, has been awarded UL approval dated 6 March 2014

PortalevelTM MAX is available in 2 model types: PortalevelTM MAX & PortalevelTM MAX Marine (for shipboard use to enable SOLAS compliance) and designed for easy liquid level indicator for CO2, FM-200TM, NOVECTM 1230, FE-13TM, FE-25TM & FE-36TM HFC-225 & 227 and Halon 1301

PortalevelTM MAX Marine compliant with IMO SOLAS Regulations

Extract from IMO & FSS Codes:

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) International Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code

Chapter 5 - Fixed gas fire extinguishing systems

2. 1. 1. 3 Means shall be provided for the crew to safety check the quantity of the fire extinguishing medium in the containers.


Coltraco Limited 46 Mount Stret Mayfair London W1K 2SA United Kingdom


Coltraco Limited 46 Mount Stret Mayfair London W1K 2SA United Kingdom

Overview & Code of Ethics

Coltraco Ltd is an ISO 9001 manufacturer who designs and manufactures a specialized range of ultrasonic monitoring and preventative maintenance instrumentation used in the marine, fire protection, offshore petrochemical and Defence among others. We have been in operation for over 20 years and are the global leaders in his very niche field. Our equipment is exported to over 90 countries worldwide and our flagship products boast the largest worldwide distribution for any product of its type.

Within the UK we operate out of 3 different offices with our Head Office based in London, Logistics Centre in Bath and Technical Offices on the South Coast.

The team at Coltraco have year of experience at understanding the conditions in which our products can be used therefore matching the right product for the task at hand. We pride ourselves in our customer service and welcome your call to satisfy your requirement.

The Industry Experience that we have at Coltraco is reflected in the equipment that we produce that undergoes biannual review to find any aspects of the equipment that can be improved, allowing us to provide the technologically most up-to-date, accurate and easy to use equipment that can be found in today’s market. Many of our equipment have gone through multiple generations of complete redesign and it is this constant evolution that maintains our position as the market leaders. As a further picture of how Coltraco has evolved over the years, please review our History Section, which gives a more detailed picture of our evolution.


We will strive to act at all times in conjunction with our core values which can be summarised as.


We will be-:

  • Ethical
  • Trustworthy
  • Compliant with the Law
  • Fair with competition
  • Accountable
  • Confidential and avoid conflicts of interest


We will-:

  • Respect Human Rights
  • Not act with Prejudice
  • Respect International Laws and Conventions
  • Act with compassion and dignity


We will communicate

  • Frankly
  • Honestly
  • Frequently
  • With credibility and not mislead
  • Openly


We will-:

  • Keep our promises
  • Try to put things right when they go wrong
  • Act promptly
  • Find out and respond to our customers’ needs
  • Form partnerships with our customers


We will-:

  • Place safety at the forefront of all we do
  • Seek to innovate and embrace new methods and technologies


We will-:

  • Act responsibly
  • Strive to improve our knowledge of our business environment

Acting with Integrity is central to all that Coltraco aim to achieve. The strong family values at the heart of the business are best emphasised by this core value both in the way that the company react with their key stakeholders and customers as well as the interaction between the company and its staff.

Coltraco want to act ethically in all that it does and to build up a feeling of trustworthiness both inside and outside the company. The company will comply with the laws of the countries within which it operates and will not pay bribes or inducements to obtain business. Coltraco staff are individually expected to follow these guidelines and should not act in any way to bring themselves into conflict with local laws or accept personal gifts or inducements which could cloud their judgement and lead them to conduct their business in an unprofessional and illogical manner.

Coltraco will maintain the confidentiality of business information both their own and such information belonging to others. The company and individual staff will strive to avoid placing themselves in situations where there could be a conflict of interest.

The company will always be accountable for its actions and where it gets things wrong it will try to put things right. Coltraco will sell its products on the basis of value for money and excellence of performance it will not collaborate with others to form cartels or seek to unfairly influence the market and will treat its competitors with respect and not seek to gain advantage by unfair practice or subterfuge or untruthfulness. Coltraco will respect the trademarks and patents of others.

A fundamental Respect for Others both as individuals and corporately is central to how Coltraco wish to operate. Coltraco will respect the human rights of those it does business with and of its own staff and will seek to avoid prejudice in all its working practices. Coltraco is an equal opportunity employer.

The company will obey International laws, procurement practices, antitrust legislation, sanctions and trading standards and will have a high regard for the opinions and practices of professional associations and bodies in its working environment.

Coltraco employees can expect the company to show compassion and dignity towards them in their working environment and the company will seek to show similar consideration where appropriate where dealing with stakeholders or customers.

Effective Communication is important to Coltraco and the company will seek to communicate with honesty and credibility in all its dealings. The company will endeavour to respond promptly to all communications received from customers or from its own staff and believes that frequent and frank communication makes for best business practice.

Coltraco will not deliberately mislead in its publications or responses and will always aim for open dialogue with all those with whom they deal both externally and internally.

A business with Customer Orientation as a central theme is what Coltraco will seek to achieve. This means that the company will keep its promises and abide by agreements it has entered into. Where the company fail to perform it will attempt to remedy such performance promptly and will ensure that it gives appropriate warranties and guarantees where possible in its business practices.

A business with Customer Orientation as a central theme is what Coltraco will seek to achieve. This means that the company will keep its promises and abide by agreements it has entered into. Where the company fail to perform it will attempt to remedy such performance promptly and will ensure that it gives appropriate warranties and guarantees where possible in its business practices.

Safety is an essential ingredient in both the way Coltraco work and what it is trying to achieve by the sale of its products. With changing demands and standards in the safety environment Coltraco is firmly committed to Innovation research and improvement as offering the best possible response to its customer’s needs and will continue to develop and refine its existing product line and introduce new products to improve the safety environment.

The Core Values set out above if followed Coltraco believe will result in a Commitment to Excellence and will enable Coltraco to operate responsibly in its day to day working. In pursuit of such excellence the company will strive to expand its knowledge base and improve its understanding of the needs of its stakeholders, customers and staff.

Coltracos’ family nature and values are something the company want to share with those who they do business with. Coltraco wants to build a bigger family basis and build partnerships in its working environment.

Coltraco wants to enjoy and be proud of its working life and want other people to enjoy working with Coltraco. The company hope that by trying to live by its core values this wish will come closer to realisation.


CEO Message

Integrity and Science Key to Our Culture of Performance

Dear Coltraco Customers, Strategic Partners and Distributors,

Integrity is our defining value. Performance is its consequence. We understand that our customers have choices, and how we perform determines whether customers choose us. Coltraco’s Code of Ethics does not merely require compliance with laws. It embodies a Commitment to positive behaviours that build trust, promote respect, operate with distinction, with courtesy and global levels of performance, demonstrating our integrity and delivering customer performance.

We honour our commitments, communicate transparently, and act with honour. Ethics are the foundation of our performance culture and our science-based approach. We lead in specific technologies delivering the watertight integrity monitoring of marine structures and the monitoring of fixed liquefied gaseous fire extinguishing systems and the room integrity of protected space to ensure agent hold-times post-installation. We show this by our understanding of the science in them and the mathematics that explain them.

I would like to thank you for your business and for the relationships with our Customers, Strategic Partners, Distributors and ODAs who we value so highly.

My kindest regards,

Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter BA(Dunelm) Hon DSc FRINA FIMarEST MRAeS
CEO & Managing Director
Coltraco Ultrasonics Limited
46-47 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2SA
United Kingdom

Tel:  +44 20 7629 8475
Fax: +44 20 7629 8477

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