Portasteele® Calculator

Identify the weight of cylinder contents by converting the liquid level height (taken by a Portalevel®) using this award winning Calculator application.

Type – liquid level to weight conversion calculator app on a 7 inch hand-held ruggedised tablet.

Function – Designed to convert the liquid level of CO2, FM-200™, Novec™1230, Halons into weight, for easy servicing and reporting of cylinders.

Part Number – CALC-007

Regulation Compliance (with Portalevel®): NFPA, ISO 14520 & IMO SOLAS FSS

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The Portasteele® Calculator provides the perfect companion to the Portalevel® Technology for those looking to enhance their reporting capabilities to customers.

The Portasteele® Calculator provides a quick and easy method for calculating the agent weight from any liquid level of any agent. By simply inputting the cylinder dimensions, agent type, temperature and liquid level, the unit will instantly calculate the exact agent weight within the cylinder, accurate to less than 1%. All the data is pre-loaded onto the device so no manual calculation is required by the operator. This can be especially useful for companies inspecting a wide variety of different cylinders or when winning new servicing contracts.

When used in partnership with the Portalevel® technology, the Portasteele® can log and record the results from each cylinder being inspected. The device then produces a comprehensive report, with all results time stamped, showing the exact agent quantity within each cylinder, the deviation of agent weight from the supposed fill weight and highlighting those cylinders which are underfilled and require attention. This record can then also be provided to the customer, providing a key servicing differentiator or provide an easy internal record of testing.

All cylinders with different agents, manufacturers or dimensions can be loaded onto the device and data for all common fire suppressant agents is preloaded.

Save Money, Risk and Time with the SHE Awards Fire Innovation of the Year 2018.

  1. Save Money – Add value to servicing and enhance safety management system thanks to the accurate and reliable datalogging capability which enables the results to be recorded, downloaded and emailed as a CSV file
  2. Save Risk – Traditional method of manually weighing fire suppression system cylinders is no longer necessary, by using Portalevel® to find the level height and this app to convert into the fill weight
  3. Save Time – Together with Portalevel® this app on the 7” rugged tablet enables a competent user to test a cylinder to identify contents loss in under 60 seconds

Three Core Benefits:


1. FIRST IN THE WORLD - The Portasteele® CALCULATOR is the first in the world to provide agent weight readings without physically weighing the fire suppression cylinders to comply with fire safety regulations.

2. HIGHLY ACCURATE - It takes into account the dimensions of practically any cylinder, the type of agent being measured and the ambient temperature therefore providing accurate results in a variety of conditions.

3. SAVE COST OF MAN HOURS - Decreasing the time to regularly and effectively test cylinder agent weights, when paired with a liquid level indicator, Portasteele® CALCULATOR will reduce the inconvenience and costly man hours required for testing.

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