The Portasonic® 2.FL0 is the second generation of Coltraco’s ultrasonic flow meter that is used to measure flow rates of clean liquid in pipes. The Portasonic® 2.FL0 utilizes two transducers, one that acts as an ultrasonic transmitter and the other as a receiver. The software calculates the time it takes for the ultrasonic pulse to pass from the transmitter to the receiver, which is dependent on the liquid flow rate.

Coltraco Portasonic® 2.FL0

Portasonic 2.FL0 is the second-generation ultrasonic flow meter for accurate flow measurement from outside a pipe. The 2018 model received an upgrade from the original Portasonic in terms of aesthetics, accurate and ease of use.

  • It is a highly competitive ultrasonic transit time flow meter: able to accurately, reliable and quality identify the rate of flow in pipework and clear any obstructions.
  • The benefit of this is that the device is non-invasive with clamp-on external sensors: stopping the difficulties of cutting sections of pipe, risking pressure drop or contamination.
  • For testing from 15mm to 6000mm in diameter containing non-aerated fluids such as water/ glycol or oils in full pipes made of common metal and plastic material.


Non-invasive flow measurement, stores up to 2000 lines of data with easy export to computer.


Portasonic 2.FL0 has long term reliability and battery life, light weight and compact.


Ensure accuracy first time with device calibration in an ISO 17025 certified lab with traceable results, accuracy of +/- 1% of reading at rates > 0.2 m/s.

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